Where you are you little challifloh?
“Where are you, little Challifloh?” – tricky riddle adventure at the upper glacier – for young and old! The Aletsch flea is worried about his fellow species on the glaciers around. His friend, the thistle butterfly, sets off to the Upper Grindelwald Glacier to look for the little Challifloh. The story of the Challifloh is lovingly told in the book “Where are you, little Challifloh?” by author Beat Hugi. For the exciting riddle you need an internet-enabled smartphone, as well as a wooden ball, which can be obtained free of charge at the reception in the Hotel Wetterhorn. Afterwards, you will accompany Rösi the Sudeten ear butterfly on a wonderful tour, and learn all kinds of exciting and instructive things about nature and the animals that live here.
  • Start at the parking lot of Hotel Wetterhorn
  • 1.7 km
  • 1 h 30 min (Upper Grindelwald Glacier)
  • A “sweet reward” is waiting for the children at the Hotel-Restaurant Wetterhorn

More information can be found here.

PS: The children’s book “Where are you little Challifolh?” is available for purchase at our reception in the Eiger Lodge.

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